Leader(ship) Development

  1. Leadership and management development
  2. Leadership development programs
  3. Leadership without a supervisory function
  4. Cooperation in management teams; self-organization (agility) for management teams
  5. Customized support for executives
  6. Employee development
  7. Personality development
  8. Solution focus in management
  9. A constructive approach to conflict and tension in leadership

The impact an executive has on his or her organization demonstrates the extent to which living leader(ship) skill has already been developed. In modern organizations, leadership skill is often a requirement sought after in situations in which it is not possible to implement a hierarchical structure. Executives in flat hierarchies, network organizations, matrix organizations and those involved in projects require leader(ship) skill without a supervisory function. This often results in tension and dilemmas which place heavy demands on your personality and your function in the organization.

We offer you support in the form of development programs tailored to your needs: everything from the basics of leadership and communication to the unique challenges executives face, with specialized programs adapted to your individual situation. We will provide you with the tools you need to deal with difficult situations more effectively.