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Our customers and employees appreciate Philipp Belcredi’s keen analytical skills, his particularly empathetic approach and, above all, his flexibility during unpredictable situations that arise in training and consultation sessions, which are not that uncommon in a multinational corporation.

Roland Heinz, Ph.D.
Head of the Philips Training Academy, Hamburg
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Philipp Belcredi is highly respected at our company. He has “earned” our trust not only as a result of his multifaceted knowledge, but also because he is especially adept at adapting his approach to fulfill our team’s needs. For me personally, Philipp Belcredi has become my most valuable sparring partner. He is the kind of partner I would enjoy having discussions with at any time, even on a Sunday.

Boyko Tchakarov
Country Manager Austria
european forum alpbach
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Philipp Belcredi’s consulting combines unparalleled observation skills, meticulous preparation and effortless, unobtrusive implementation to create a harmonious whole. If there’s anyone in Austria who can provide constellation work without unnecessary frills and a New Age touch, then it’s him.

Philippe Narval
Managing Director, European Forum Alpbach, Vienna
rotes kreuz
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Philipp Belcredi implements his knowledge and experience of economic interrelationships as well as his comprehensive understanding of human behavior and interactions into his coaching and consulting activities. His constellation work focuses strictly on what the client wants and is integrated into the consulting process exceptionally well. Having him as a consultant is a particularly rewarding and enriching experience!

Reinhold Jawhari
Department Head, Austrian Red Cross
eco plus
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Philipp Belcredi’s wonderful potential is manifested in his approach to tackling difficult situations. Thanks to his easygoing, pleasant demeanor, he creates space for discussions about a wide range of topics without taking center stage. Clients already benefit from his careful preparation, as it entails scenarios that have been prepared in a systematic and analytical manner; Philip goes through them several times beforehand. What I personally enjoy about him are the philosophical discussions we have about the social and economic challenges our society faces.

Harald Bleier
Cluster Manager, ecoplus - Lower Austria Business Agency
FA Bösendorfer Klaviermanufaktur
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We were all of us thrilled even though you were quite forceful in probing some of our weak spots. But continued development requires examining oneself closely at times.
Personally, I was particularly impressed by the clever way in which you incorporated such a great variety of topics into the workshop while making sure than not a single one of us was left behind. Certainly, you won’t find two among us who have the same initial knowledge or position, but we created a common policy that is acceptable to all of us and which, I believe, we can make reality.
Your knowledge of where to begin adjusting, clearly based on your experience in other manufacturing companies, impressed me as deeply as your ability to offer such a large amount of valuable information and guidance. This hands-on workshop, far from just a set of impractical instructions, was comprehensible and applicable to the real world.

Sabine Grubmüller
Managing Director, Bösendorfer Klaviermanufaktur
World Vision Austria
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Philipp Belcredi has a vast wealth of experience both as a consultant and as an active manager at his disposal, experience that is especially useful for us. None of the myriad problems that one faces in management is new to him, and he is able to offer support not only on a theoretical level but in practical situations, too. Despite being deeply rooted in science, especially Systems Theory, his vivid explanations are comprehensible and actionable. Mr. Belcredi challenges the workshop participants, refusing to accept facile answers; it is this which allows drilling down to the real problems and to their solutions.
Our Leadership Workshop, targeting the basic principles of leading others, clearly profited us even though most of us have been leading teams or other organisations for years now. Not only did we gain valuable insights, we also improved our understanding of each other and for each other; after the workshop, within just a handful of days, the cooperation among ourselves has increased markedly. That was useful and helpful to us and will definitely change how we work with each other.

Sebastian Corti
Managing Director, World Vision Austria
Mahle König
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Philipp Belcedi is a key force behind our change process (Culture & Organization), which he has overseen, shaped and driven forward over several years.
With his balanced and calm manner, moving emphatically to stringently demanding depending on the situation, combined with his professional knowledge as a consultant and the experience from different disciplines and industries, he was a key element for the success of our transformation.
I was personally convinced by his ability to lead very flexibly through the workshops in a difficult environment, with clear goal setting and meticulous preparation, and to achieve the desired target.
Philipp Belcredi has always been an excellent sparring partner for my employees and me on various situations and in various subject areas. I greatly enjoy working with him.

Thomas Fessl
Managing director of Mahle König
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