Organizational Development & Design

Applying systemic organizational development, tailored to the specific context of the organization, in the real world has proven its worth. This is what I offer in all of its facets.

It goes without saying that organizational development entails far more than simply finding a suitable organizational form. When I set the organizational development process in motion, I start off with the people involved in mind. Without forgetting the organization’s constitutional form, I ensure that the development process also allows different people in the organization to assume the same functions.

When people experience change, there is an effect on the organization they belong to. When transformation and development takes place within an organization, this then has an effect on the people who belong to it. As it is ultimately the people in organizations who bear the responsibility of decisions and the values behind them, the way organizational development works is inextricably linked to personal development. Systemic work uses the power of this interdependency to develop coherent, robust, and adaptable organizations that are successful within their particular context.