Language and Communication

Communication is one of the most complex and interesting subjects out there. It is particularly important when we meet or when we want to interact with and understand one another. Honing our communication skills is worth the effort, because communication determines how many misunderstandings arise or how much understanding is present during a given process. In leadership, everything that changes reality is passed along through communication. Developments in a system can be recognized through the choice of words used by those involved. The interrelations are nearly endless.

Communication in a system that is more aware and nuanced will have a larger impact. Here’s the good news: you can learn to use language and communication effectively, regardless of your educational background. When you begin to understand that communication has very little to do with what is actually said, rather, it begins with what the recipient of a message perceives and understands, then your communication style will change radically.

  1. Developing effective communication
  2. Professionalizing communication in organizations
  3. Solution focus in management
  4. A conscious approach to communication