Mergers & Acquisitions

What often happens with many acquisitions is that the synergy effects which were worked out and calculated in advance never come about. This is because the entities forget to use professional expertise to take people (employees) and their dynamics into account.

As organizations consist of people, it is ultimately the mutually occurring dynamics between people which make or break an organization.

In some companies, you can still find subcultures whose original identity has remained unchanged for ten years, even after these companies have carried out two or three mergers or acquisitions. This is an example of how resilient people and systems can be.

Now imagine how useful this strength and energy would be if it could be used to benefit the whole, rather than being wasted on resistance to change or on maintaining ideas or corporate cultures from the past.

I am more than happy to help you minimize your risk. I will also provide professional assistance in working out which elements of process development have to be considered and used to achieve the intended synergy effects. This is to ensure that people can do their part und understand what is going on, with successful integration as a result. The purpose is to ensure that everyone pulls together and that they use their combined strengths optimally to the maximum extent.