However, there are topics, concerns, and dilemmas which arise from time to time that people would understandably prefer to address in an intimate setting, characterized by mutual trust, rather than involving the entire community. I offer you the professional support you need to address and allay your personal and/or individual concerns effectively. By addressing and allaying them as well as making progress in terms of individual stages of development, which are often very personal, you often strengthen your position as an individual within the community, regardless of whether it’s your family, your team of coworkers, or in other settings.

New courses of action and orientation are the result. I always work with people based on the resources and opportunities available to them. We don’t need evaluations, analyses, and classifications to make good progress. We find out what is better without having to know what is “good.”

  1. Customized support for individuals

  2. Coaching for executives and managers
  3. Support in decision-making processes
  4. Conflict and crisis intervention, dealing with tension and difficult situations in a professional manner.
  5. Burnout prevention
  6. Reflection on development processes