Change Management

  1. Restructuring and mergers
  2. Designing, shaping, and implementing transformation processes
  3. Project management and program management
  4. Process optimization
  5. Mergers and acquisitions
  6. Supporting and stabilizing companies’ successors
  7. Founding a new business
  8. Reorganization
  9. Internationalizing companies

I sometimes describe change management as a large treasure chest that has accumulated useful tips and tricks over the years. These tips and tricks have been put to practice, and they work. If we use this know-how at the right moment, it’s like greasing the gears: It keeps friction to a minimum. The reasons for changes in organizations are many. The dynamics that appear and develop are usually quite similar and can be used effectively.

Transformations work. Otherwise, we would still be living in caves. It is much more likely that change will succeed more easily and effectively when the relevant interrelationships within the system are taken into account and put to use.